Welcome Home

Greetings Kin, and welcome to Yggdrasil Rising – a virtual grove devoted to nourishing the spiritual, emotional and intellectual alignment of Kin and Nature; the living intelligence that birthed and, still, sustains us.. The Living Earth.

Each life form has a unique and irreplaceable role to play in the great mystery we touch with our lives. Part of my role, as I know it, is to deepen our sense of identity by imbuing places – both physical and virtual – with depth, beauty and meaning.

I am a yurt dweller and ambassador for human habitation in natural environments. Living in the round is an exciting walk of life that supports and holds me in safety, comfort and beauty. Mostly, it is fun and meaningful, since much of what I do in my daily life relates intimately with my core needs, while leaving plenty of room for relaxation, relation building and creative endeavours.

I have always been a keen thinker – for better and worse! – and this web page is a way to share my thoughts and perceptions in a pure and worthy manner. I seek to inspire, illuminate and provoke through words and imagery. My overall aim is to ripen the human soul, planting it firmly within the earthen matrix of life by strengthening our relation with place, nature and spirit.

Earthen Blessings,
– Magnus Hjort