Greetings Kin, and welcome to Yggdrasil Rising, a virtual grove devoted to furthering the spiritual, emotional, intellectual and practical alignment between Earth and Humanity.

ICON - Celtic triple spiral

My name is Magnus Hjort and I am residing year round in a yurt that I constructed with much care and passion. Living in the round is an exciting and rewarding journey, the unfolding of which I will share with you here.

I am also a passionate student of life and I take my own learning process quite seriously. I read much, and I am keen to share my learning path with you.

Lastly, I have always been a keen and deep thinker – I contemplate life deeply and journey into the soul of the Earth for inspiration and guidance. Translating her messages into words is not an easy task, but it is one that I have taken upon myself to do and I will try my best.

Let us walk together, shall we?

Earthen Blessings,