Hello friend!

This virtual grove has been crafted, slowly, by me, Magnus Hjort. I am glad and honoured to welcome you here.

I have made this place so that I may share my thoughts, feelings and visions with the world in a dignified manner. I am not opposed social media or the likes, but I also recoglize the need for a non-commercial virtual space in which thoughts and ideas are allowed to grow and mature at their own pace.

I am also a big fan of beauty. I think beauty is really, really important. If anyone is to read my words in this day of informational excess, the least I can do for them is to make it a beautiful experience that is pleasing to the senses.

But why bother making a website in the first place? Well, when I was a teenager, in the 1990’s, and the World Wide Web was a new, strange and intriguing phenomenon, the talk of the day was that, in future, everyone would have their own, personal webpage. And while for a time, this seemed to be the trend, our online habits are now much different from the “me and my cats” web experience in those days!

Or is it..?

Maybe I am just a dreamer, who never stopped believing that each person has a unique and valuable voice? Who believes that the internet is the gateway into a more egalitarian society based on individual freedom and collective cooperation. I believe that eveybody has a saying in where we stand today as a species, where we are heading, and that each and one of us is part of a vast narrative complex that defines our species.

So where do I come from? Whats my story? Frankly Like most people, I come from a perfectly imperfect family. A mother and father, three brothers and one sister we were, and still are. We have have faced some truly challenging experiences together and it is strengthening us while making us more close and tightly knit.

In my twenties, I moved to Ireland and did not return to native Sweden until six years had passed. I tried living in the big city and having a very decent job, working with online computer games. During this “urban exile”, I dreamed of another life, closer to nature. Eventually the inner pressure to change became stronger than my fear of change, and over the course of a year, I tore my life apart, and moved west.

Finding my feet again took me some time, and there was much spiritual groundwork that had to be covered. Gradually, I found the strength and confidence I needed to move on and look for another path in life. This searching took me to far away places, and back home again..

A year or so after returning to my birth place, I suddenly encountered the yurt..! I had meddled with various natural building tecniques and dreamed of making my own home somehow. Now, one was standing in the grass next to the house I shared with some friends… I was totally baffled and taken away! Here stands a perfectly viable solution, one that is both affordable and craftable! Within one day, my mind was firmly set onto a path that would take me on a wild adventure and bestow so much meaning, comfort and joy onto my life..!



Background image credits: Estonian Landscape by Doodlewithgluegun